A long time has passed since the name SIGMA could be found on a new guitar. And now finally these guitars are back – at an excellent price/performance ratio - thanks to the German distributor AMI MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS GmbH who has acquired the name and trademark rights for some parts of the world from an American Company and who is now manufacturing these guitars according to the old traditional methods.

SIGMA GUITARS were launched in the year 1970 as a response to the competitors from the Far East who were gaining a large foothold in the guitar market using established models and were always one step ahead of the market.
The Sigma guitars were one of the answers to this, and they became very highly rated and sought after guitars for many years.
History is now repeating itself with these new Sigma guitars.
The manufacturer of the new Sigma guitars has been building high quality instruments for over 20 years and is well respected by all in the industry.
SIGMA guitars are manufactured in various body shapes: dreadnought, 000 and even classic. From the beginning of December, 23 different steel string models will be available ranging from USD 320.- for the DM-1ST and USD 730.- for the DRC-28E with cutaway and pickup system (recommended retail prices). Six nylon string models will be available even earlier: from the beginning of November. Further models, among which are also acoustic bass guitars, are in progress.